Plan for Your Spring Gardening

Cultivating your gardening attitude and planning your gardening activities starts NOW! Putting a little time and thought into your gardening plans will save time and effort when spring finally arrives.

No two gardens or gardeners are the same, and gardens change from one year to the next. Planning can be as simple as looking through garden magazines and books, reviewing nursery catalogues or visiting web-sites. That 6 inches of garden soil around your house holds tremendous potential for perennials, annuals, bulbs, trees and shrubs. Imagine your pleasure and surprise.

The Gardening Season

Ideally, gardens should change from month to month and year to year and the planning can be overwhelming. Start with the soil. Amend your existing garden soil to provide organic material and water drainage. Select plant material that will suit the individual site: sunny, shady, wet, dry or a combination of conditions. Prepare or select your gardening tools. You can start with a wheelbarrow, spade, rake, trowel and water hose.

Get your questions answered and gardening advice from other gardeners you know. Gardeners love to talk about gardening. Even the smallest of gardens can be a source of great pleasure and satisfaction in today’s busy world of work, home and family. And don’t forget those patio and balcony containers. Prepare them to receive colorful annuals, perennials and foliage plants.

Gardening doesn’t have to be a big chore if you plan early. Warmer weather is coming. At last!