Attention Homeowners

Before spending any money on your upcoming landscape project or making any contract commitments, consider getting an independent, professional landscape assessment.

Eric Brooks - Landscape Consultant
- Certified Landscape Manager CLM
- Certified Horticulturist
- Over 45 years experience

My Services

After 45 years as a respected, successful landscape contractor in Ottawa I have hung up the tools and become an Independent Landscape Consultant. As an Independent Landscape Consultant I am NOT a landscape contractor who will be bidding on your upcoming project. Therefore, I can give you an honest, impartial assessment of your options and what you will need and how much it will cost for your envisioned project. This can result in huge savings for you and greatly reduce your risk and worry when it's time to choose and work with a contractor. In addition to consulting, I can design and draw up your plans and oversee and manage the project to completion.

Here's the assessment I provide...

Step 1 - Initial Consultation and Assessment - $150

Initial on-site consultation and assessment includes:
1. Property walk-about and interview
2. List and discuss homeowner's wish list
3. List landscape issues needing attention
4. Discuss budget and general costs
5. Present options given budget and property context
6. Client can ask questions as desired.
7. Written copy of assessment sent to client.

Step 2 - Intermediate Concept Design - $300 - $600 approx.*

When requested by the client I create an Intermediate Concept Design which is an intermediate 2D landscape drawing incorporating the key ideas, needs, wish list, etc., that arise from the initial consultation and assessment.

1. Gathering detailed site information
This is a comprehensive site evaluation including:
- site measurements and dimensions
- site elevations
- site photographs
- existing structures (pool, fence, deck)
- making an existing plant inventory
- utility services (gas meter, cable box, etc.)

2. Creating the Concept Design
Using state of the art landscape CAD software I create the intermediate landscape design based on all information previously gathered for discussion with the client. This enables the client to better visualize and understand the direction and practicality of their landscape wish list.

3. Concept Design Presentation
A face-to-face presentation and discussion of the intermediate Concept Design in order confirm the direction and feasibility of the proposed project.
*Based on size and cost of project.

Step 3 - Final, Build-Ready Landscape Design
$300 - $1500 approx.*

I create and present the client with a final, built-ready landscape design, complete with all specifications needed to allow multiple contractors to provide detailed competitive quotations on the project.

Having a build-ready design allows the homeowner to require all interested landscape contractors to bid on exactly the same specified design, materials, and industry standards rather than, having to evaluate different quotations for different proposals.
*Based on size and cost of project.

Project Management Services
$ based on size of project

Regular on-site monitoring of the work in progress to ensure compliance to the design, specifications and the contract. We will function as the direct liaison between the homeowner and the contractor(s) and provide approval as deemed appropriate for progress payments. We ensure the work is completed according to all industries standards.

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