Landscape Construction

HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED the importance of gardens in our lives? From ancient times until today gardens have given rest to our souls and joy to our hearts. Nothing beats a great garden! At Brookside Gardens & Landscape building you a great garden has been our passion for more than 40 years. [ Read More...]
Landscape Structures

THE PERFECT FOCUS. Even the loveliest garden becomes that much better with a well-chosen and well-placed landscape structure. Whether it’s a stylish Gazebo or Pergola, a cozy backyard Deck, or artistic interlocking stonework in just the right places, landscape structures make good gardens great! [Read More...]
Landscape Design

ADVENTURE IS JUST BAD PLANNING, so said Norwegian Explorer Roald Amundsen. At Brookside we take the "adventure" out of your project by planning every detail before a shovel ever hits the dirt. Careful interviews with clients and state-of-art computer designing leave no room for guesswork or surprises. [ Read More...]
Nursery Operation

FROM SEEDS TO SENSATIONS! We believe all landscapers should be crazy about flowers. Here at Brookside Gardens & Landscape we love flowers and can't get enough them. So 13 years ago we decided to start our own nursery operation and retail garden centre and have been growing beauties ever since. [ Read More...]
Welcome & Intro Video

Have a look at our 90-second Welcome & Intro video to help get you started on our website.
Commercial & Institutional

OUTWARD APPEARANCE MATTERS. A well cared-for appearance recommends a person and the same is true for a commercial property. When the lawn and shrubs and flowers are cared for, it sends a powerful message to tenants and clients. We've maintained some of Ottawa's largest commercial properties. [ Read More...]

Brookside Online Learning Centre — (see below and to the right)

Gardening can be rewarding and fun when you know what you're doing. Since starting our business over 40 years ago one of our passions has been to help educate, encourage and empower our customers to learn all they can to become effective gardeners and landscape horticulturalists.

Directly below and to the right you'll find two resources designed for this purpose. Below is an Article Feed from Canadian Gardening and to the right you will find our own in-house Brookside Blog. Both are chucked full of interesting articles and tips. Enjoy!

BLOG: Garden & Landscape TIPS

Plan for Your Spring Gardening

Cultivating your gardening attitude and planning your gardening activities starts NOW! Putting a little time and thought … [Read More...]

Building a Water Garden

Choosing a site: Determine your water garden's function, and think about the contours of your land. A natural … [Read More...]

Mulching Do’s and Don’ts

It keeps weeds down, mainly by blocking out light they need to germinate - and if a weed manages to poke through, it's … [Read More...]

Garden Soil

The single most important step to take before planting any perennial is to properly prepare the soil, and the best … [Read More...]

Container Gardening

Even the smallest patio or porch can boast a crop of vegetables or a garden of flowers in containers. Planter boxes, … [Read More...]

Maintenance Guidelines for Perennials

Water when dry. Early morning is the best time of day to water. A deep watering once a week (or more in drought … [Read More...]